Treehouse Nursery / Learning Cycles

Treehouse Nursery was founded in Wanstead in 1991, offering trusted childcare and pre-school education to babies and children from three months to five years. The approach of Treehouse Nursery takes into account the individual needs of each and every child in their care. Every child is assigned a key person who is exclusively responsible for them throughout their time at Treehouse Nursery. This key person is able to take the time to get to know the child anTreehouse Nurseryd their family on a personal level, to form a strong and lasting relationship and to develop a tailored care and learning plan which is appropriate for the needs of the child at every stage. Parental involvement is actively encouraged at Treehouse Nursery and each child’s learning plan is put together based on observations of and conversations with the child by the key person and also the views, ideas and opinions of the parents. Children are able to spend time each day on the games and activities which they most enjoy and learn to play to their strengths, and also encouraged to try new things and challenge themselves.

This individual approach to learning is structured through the use of learning cycles. The Treehouse Nursery learning cycles cover Active Learning, Creating & Thinking Critically and Playing & Exploring. Each Treehouse Nursery learning cycle is divided into sub-categories, such as staying focused and on task, testing and developing ideas or using imagination. These learning cycles can then be used as markers to identify what stage of development a child is at, what their strengths are and what areas they require additional encouragement in. Each Treehouse Nursery key person is able to use the learning cycles to ensure that each child is exploring every aspect of personal development and progressing as expected.

The colour co-ordinated learning cycles at Treehouse Nursery divide each area of learning into three, and then each of those segments into a further three or four aspects. In this way, Treehouse Nursery staff are able to easily identify any areas where children need more encouragement and formulate plans to achieve this. Each child at Treehouse Nursery is encouraged to maximise their potential in a safe, fun and relaxed environment and to take pride in their achievements.

Treehouse Nursery | Expert Early Years Care and Education

For parents living in Wanstead, there is one early years education provider that they can rely on, Treehouse Nursery. The group operates two full time nurseries, as well as a breakfast and after school club in the area and have been doing so for 22 years. Treehouse Nursery prides itself on the excellent reports from Ofsted, testaments to the skills of the staff that work there and the development of the children who attend. Treehouse Nursery staff will work closely with parents to ensure that their child is getting the best possible education before they start primary school.

Treehouse NurseryAt the early year’s stage, it is important for children to realise a number of things. Firstly, physical development is important, so active games and outside play is encouraged at Treehouse Nursery. These games will promote the ability for children to move around, build on basic mobility skills and health. Also, by playing alongside other children, they will learn how to socialise and build friendships as well as Treehouse Nursery staff being on hand to develop the children’s moral code through sharing activities. Treehouse Nursery will also provide the necessary mental skills to start school, alphabet and basic numbers are regularly taught to children giving them a head start when it comes to formal education.

Throughout their time at a Treehouse Nursery, the progress of each child will be reported back to their parents. This shows to parents not only how dedicated the company is to the wellbeing of the child, but also can allow parents to engage with their child at home, building on the skills they learn at the nursery. It is of great importance at Treehouse Nursery that this relationship is maintained with parents in order to make the most of their child’s time at the nursery. If any problems should arise, then Treehouse Nursery can alert the parents of this also, and explain to them what steps they are taking to solve the issue. Should any parents have queries regarding their child’s development then Treehouse Nursery are more than happy to help.

In order to give the best chance for children at the early year’s stage, Treehouse Nursery ensures the highest standard of training for their staff. Ninety six percent of the employees at Treehouse Nursery have a level 2 qualification in early year’s education or higher, far exceeding the guideline as set by Ofsted, the regulatory body.

Treehouse Nursery | Cooperating with Parents

For any child, early year’s development is an important aspect of growing up. Early years is typically the time from being an infant to five years old and it is during this period that they are making sense of the new world around them. Many parents are forced to return to work during this time however, so it is important for them that the childcare provider they choose will give their child the safest and most educational environment possible. Treehouse Nursery is a company in Wanstead that own and operate two nurseries as well as an after school club in North London. In operation since 1991, the experienced staff at Treehouse Nursery are committed to giving parents the peace of mind they need when leaving their child in the hands of an early years education provider.Treehouse Nursery

Part of the Treehouse Nursery philosophy is the idea that in order for children to enjoy their time at one of their nurseries as much as they can, cooperation with parents is key. This means that when parents take their child to Treehouse Nursery they will be kept well informed of every stage of their child’s development. Treehouse Nursery are also committed to being transparent about fees, opening times and other factors that contribute to earning the essential trust of the parents.

Throughout the relationship between Treehouse Nursery and the parents, they will be monitoring the progress of each child as an individual. Parents will be told at the end of the day of the achievements and breakthroughs that their child has made, as well as any friendships that are starting to form. This means that parents can then engage with their child at home, continuing the development of the skills they will learn at a Treehouse Nursery.

While uncommon, any problems that a child might be facing at a Treehouse Nursery will be dealt with directly by a trained member of staff and the child’s parents will be informed. This includes any areas that a child might need further encouragement when learning the necessary skill set for attending primary school. Likewise, should a parent feel that their child needs improvement in an area, then Treehouse Nursery staff are more than happy to commit time to enhancing that child’s education. The activity programmes that Treehouse Nursery are in keeping with Ofsted’s regulations, ensuring that all children receive the best start while attending the nursery.

Treehouse Nursery School Encourages Parent/Child/School Interaction

With the demands on families in today’s economic climate to have more than one parent bringing in an income, this means that more and more children are being placed in the care of a caregiver at a Nursery school. More often than not, parents will drop their children off at school and not worry Treehouse Nurseryabout them until the time to pick them up arrives. This means that traditionally the attitudes of the school and teacher are responsible for children during the day are widely accepted. Does this mean that parents who want to be involved with their children’s education and development are left feeling as though they are meddling with teachers and school systems?

Many nursery schools now encourage parental involvement with the children’s learning and development. Treehouse Nursery School in London believes that a partnership with parents is vital for the successes of the children. The school has developed a friendly and positive approach to child care that suits both parent and child, which is then assessed by the key person for the best interests of the child. Within the early years foundation phase, parent meetings take place every 4 – 6 weeks; this is where on-going assessment and discussion between the parent and key person are able to create a solution that is best for the child. This platform allows for parents to make suggestions and express ideas about the school and education at the Nursery, which are taken into consideration.

Within this model of key person educators combined with parents for the best value education and growth for the child, this key person, is a staff member who is paired with your child and by extension to the parent to ensure on-going assessment of your child’s development and to create a child centric approach to care. In order for this to be successful, Treehouse Nursery School hope that parents get involved and in touch with key persons so that personal preferences for each family can be considered in learning and development. The key person constantly takes part in assessment of their students to ensure that they are meeting their objectives for learning’s and development, this takes place at parent meetings.

When parents partner with their child’s key person, it allows for open and active feedback between parents and educators. At Treehouse Nursery School, the key person meets your child prior to their settling in session, which is where the child’s care and educational requirements are coordinated.

Treehouse Nursery School | Formative Learning

The first five years of human life are the most crucial for development in later years. Fact for Life have described these first five years as fundamentally important, as they are the foundation that shapes children’s growth and development. It is also where health, happiness, growth and learning about society, life and values are born and grown.

Treehouse NurseryIn the first five years of human life, the brain develops at a rapid pace, in it in this development that learning takes place through social and emotional circumstances. It is also a rapid time of learning about emotions. This is why selecting a good nursery school for your child is important. Many schools have different educational and curriculum differences, all of which must be considered by parents when selecting a Nursery for their child.

Many nursery schools make a constant effort to ensure that every experience offered to your child recognises the importance of formative learning. Treehouse Nursery is one of these schools that uses an EYFS framework for education and development of your child. Within this framework, seven key learning areas have been identified. The framework can further be broken down into crucial areas that ignite curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. These three crucial areas include communication and language; physical development; and personal, social and emotional development. A combination of these areas of intellectual stimulation provides an environment that encourages active learning, creation, critical thinking and playing and exploring.

In order to provide this well delivered and planned curriculum, the actual nursery school will need to have facilities that can cater for this advanced education system. This includes both indoor and outdoor facilities, where play is the main focus for learning based games. Classrooms that cater for literacy, mathematics and understanding of the world as well as expressive arts and design, make nurseries like Treehouse Nursery School one of the best decisions for your child’s educational needs in preparation for preparation for school and beyond.

Along each step of the way, parents are encouraged to have an active part in their child’s learning and development. When progress is measured, both parents and teachers should identify developmental needs and additional resources for growth put in place. This continuous observation and assessment offered by Treehouse Nursery School, involves parents, teacher and child -giving the three key players of the classroom a say in the child’s learning and development.

How Treehouse Nursery School Teaches Your Children

The staff members at Treehouse Nursery School strive daily to meet the individual needs of the children in their care. Initially, details are gathered about the child’s background, personality and learning skills up to that point. Parents are engaged in conversation about their child, giving their opinions and requirements concerning the child’s care. Then, activities are offered, giving the child an opportunity to learn while doing things he or she enjoy and can succeed at.

Treehouse NurserySince 1991, Treehouse Nursery School has been offering services to all members of the community, guaranteeing an open and welcoming environment for all. The school holds a no bullying policy and promotes a positive, safe atmosphere for the children. According to Ofsted reports, the children in Treehouse Nursery School enjoy stimulating, focused programmes of activities, each supporting their progress. They learn and develop through rich and enjoyable experiences both in and outside of the building.

The staff at Treehouse Nursery promotes excitement in the children to participate in learning activities. The children then demonstrate a positive approach toward learning, reacting positively to the support and encouragement given them by their caretakers. Children enjoy learning through play; that has been proven many times. Treehouse Nursery staff members gather information about each child through questioning and observation, including how they like to play, thereby enabling the creation of an appropriate schedule of active learning, focused on the child’s needs in particular.

From the first day in Treehouse Nursery School, staff members become aware of what the child needs and learns to identify with each on a one-on-one basis. Knowing how to reach children provides a good base for understanding them better on a personal level. This establishes a loving and trusting relationship between them and the child. At the same time, the staff involves the parents, getting their opinions and ideas so that they feel comfortable speaking with staff about their children. This is achieved through daily discussions that keep the parents informed of the progress, friendships and other developments of their child.

With highly qualified staff members and a policy of respect and trust, Treehouse Nursery School is a safe and comfortable environment for all children five and under. The managers hold more than 20 years of experience working with children in the developing years. All staff members go through rigorous in-house training to ensure they understand all policies and procedures and will follow through with them.

Daycare Solutions: Treehouse Nursery

Since 1991, Treehouse Nursery Schools has provided daycare and before and after school care for children ages 0 to 5. They hold fast to their mission statement, which includes providing a discrimination and bully-free environment to all children who attend, as well as the best quality and most personalised care possible. Upon entering Treehouse Nursery, children are evaluated for their skills and needs. Staff members will ask parents for their personal opinions and ideas on how to best work with the child in a safe and entertaining environment.

Treehouse NurseryParents are encouraged to be involved in the daily activities of their children whenever it is possible. They can watch what their child is doing and how they are progressing on interactive white board display screens and staff members will include them whenever they can. Treehouse Nursery School is dedicated to making the children feel as if they are at home when they are there. By establishing a comfortable relationship with the parents, the staff show the children they can be trusted. This adds to the enjoyment the children get when they are actively learning.

Active learning is one of the learning cycles encouraged by Treehouse Nursery. Active learning means learning by doing. When children perform a task with their hands, they are learning. Performing a task is one of the best ways to remember how to do something. When adults make these tasks fun by involving them in a game of some kind, the focus of the children remains on the lesson because they are having fun while doing it. In addition, they are encouraged to be persistent, keep trying and be proud of what they achieve. This satisfies both parents and teachers.

Children are also encouraged to think critically and creatively. Thinking outside of the normal patterns is one of the best ways to develop new ideas and find solutions to obstacles. Critical thinking helps people focus on every aspect in order to avoid those obstacles. The activities and lessons at Treehouse Nursery School are created specifically for each individual child to help them learn to think this way on their own as they grow.

Another aspect of growing that children are taught by staff members at Treehouse Nursery School is to play. Playing is essential to a happy childhood. It doesn’t always have to be about education, although much play consists of learning, even though children don’t realise it.

Treehouse Nursery | What are the childcare options for working parents?

Treehouse NurseryWhen it comes to childcare there are many options available to you to suit your budget and your preference. You can employ a nanny for one on one care in your own home, or you could use the services of a nursery or after school club. Below is a list of the different kinds of childcare to consider when looking for flexible and affordable care.


Nannies look after children in the parents’ home, and are particularly favoured for parents who require flexible childcare. Some nannies live within the family home and many also take on other domestic duties such as shopping, washing, and cleaning. Nannies can cost between £250-£500 per month, depending on whether they are live in and the number of hours that they are required for.


There is also the option to send your children to a self-employed childminder. A childminder is paid hourly and looks after the children in their home. They must have all the necessary certificates and checks in order to legally look after your children; you should ask to see all the documentation and the place where the children will be looked after. It is also important to check references before you employ your childminder.

Family and Friends

You could always call in a couple of favours from friends and family, if they are usually able to provide flexible childcare. Many people choose to combine their services with other registered childcare to ensure that their children are looked after throughout school holidays and during term time.

Nurseries and play groups

Playgroups and nurseries are designed to prepare the children for school with education and play sessions. Children aged between two and five are able to attend a playgroup for around three hours a day whereas nurseries usually provide longer hours which parents who work all day may find more suitable.

After School Club

Treehouse NurseryAfter school clubs offer care before and after school for children aged 4-11. Breakfast clubs open early enough for parents to drop kids off before work, and after school clubs remain open – usually until 6:30pm, to allow plenty of time for commuting parents to pick them up.

Why choose Treehouse Nursery After School Club?

Treehouse Nursery has 22 years experience of providing childcare in Wanstead. They offer nursery sites at Woodbine Place and most recently, Cambridge Park. The afterschool club is at a Grove Hall premises and is open from 7:45 to school start and from school end to 6:30pm. The club is also open during main school holidays. The club provides breakfast and afternoon snacks for the children, along with supervised activities and games such as football, dance, drama, storytelling, table tennis and much more.