Reasons Why Young Children Should Learn to Paint

Any toddler likes to scribble and play around with paint. Painting is surely a lot of fun, but there’s a lot more to it than keeping your child busy or entertained. Let’s see what benefits your little one can reap by learning how to paint.

Emotional Development

Any creative activity provides young kids with a huge opportunity to develop or refine their emotional skills, allowing them to express feelings and emotions in ways they might not be able to through other means. Through painting, your child can express or understand strong feelings or describe overwhelming situations in a comfortable and safe way.

Stress Relief

Treehouse NurseryNot even toddlers can avoid stress. From the fear of darkness to an embarrassing accident at kindergarten or a bully harassing him, there are numerous situations that can stress your little one or even lead to anxiety. Painting can be like a sanctuary for your child.

When your child is stressed, you can encourage them to paint, so that they can lose themselves in the brush strokes. This will, first of all, create a soothing place for them to turn to when in need, plus the feeling of accomplishment they will get when completing their “project” can help replace the negative feelings bothering them.

Language Development

Painting creates great opportunities for children to engage with and talk about what they are doing. If caretakers or parents encourage kids to describe what they are painting and why, they will find great opportunities to improve the little one’s communication and language skills.

What’s more, research has shown that kids who are encouraged to paint or draw at an early age will be able later on to compose stories more efficiently and more easily. Finally, painting offers toddlers the opportunity to explore imagery and visual patterns that will give them a great advantage when it comes to learning formal writing.

Art Appreciation

Young children who are encouraged to paint can gain a lifelong love for art. By teaching your little one this skill, you will be opening him up to the magical world of artistic expression.

These were only a few of the many benefits painting can bring. And the earlier your little one starts to learn, the better. If you want to enrol your child in a painting class, check out the offers of the afterschool club operated by Treehouse Nursery School. The workshops you can gain access to through the club offer great opportunities for fun and development and focus on a wide range of learning areas, from painting and music to sports and even cookery.

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Treehouse Nursery : The Benefits of Music Education for Preschool Children

All around the world, parents use music and rhythmic movement to bond with their children. They put their kids to sleep with lullabies, rock and swing them, and make them laugh with fun songs. Parents seem to know instinctively that their little ones thrive on music.

Treehouse Nursery

Here are the most important benefits young children can reap through music education:

It Boosts Brain Power

If you want to give your little one a mental advantage, expose them to music as much as possible. Music can stimulate the regions in the brain that are linked to math, reading and even emotional development.

It Builds Confidence

If your child is rather shy and you want to help him build some confidence, music education can be of great help. Learning to play a simple instrument (nowadays, there are many especially built for young kids) and seeing how he gets better and better will help your little one become more self-confident.

It Improves Memory and Learning Ability

In a household with kids, there’s always something missing or misplaced – or forgotten under the bed. If you want to help your child remember where they have placed their things, music can, again, be the answer. Research has shown that starting music education at an early age will help improve your little one’s memory and learning ability, as it stimulates different patterns of brain development.

It Is Good for Emotional Health

Music involves creativity and expression of feelings. Young kids often don’t have the words to express what they’re feeling, but, through music, they can find a positive way to release their emotions.

It Helps Language Development

Children do come into the world properly “equipped” to decode sounds and eventually words and phrases, but a musical environment can help enhance these natural abilities, speeding up language development. These inborn capabilities need to be practiced and reinforced, whether at home or in a more formal setting, such as a music education class.

It Brings Benefits on a Physical Level as Well

By learning to play simple instruments and dancing to music, young children can greatly improve their gross and fine motor skills as well.

As you can see, music education can do a lot for the development of your child. If you want to start early, you can try teaching him yourself or, better yet, enrol him in a music class specially designed for toddlers, such as the ones offered by Treehouse Nursery School. The Treehouse Nursery School also operates an After School Club that provides plenty of fun activities for preschool kids, from role-play to music and dancing.

What afterschool childcare is available to working parents?

If you are a working parent with a regular 9-5 shift, then you might well be looking for someone to pick up and drop off your little ones at school each day. We are not all lucky enough to have a retired grandparent living down the road and available to pick the kids up. Of course you can ask a friend to look after them until you finish work, but at what point will you have to compensate them for their troubles? You’ll be glad to know that there are a number of different options available when it comes to childcare, some of which are supported by government financial schemes to help you with the costs. Here is a list of three different options to consider when looking for childcare.

  1. Breakfast and after school club

Breakfast and aTreehouse Nurseryfter school club is a great solution to the problem of childcare. You can drop children off, usually from around 7.30am, they will then get to play with their friends and have breakfast before school starts. After school has finished, children are then picked up from their classrooms/school and taken to the afterschool club location. You don’t necessarily have to choose the afterschool club which operates within the school your child attends. You might find one which is more suited to your child and has better Ofsted reports, like Treehouse Nursery School. Although its main function is to provide day care for pre-schoolers, like other similar establishments, Treehouse Nursery School is ideally set up to offer an extended service to older children. Having their offspring in one location at pick up time is certainly a bonus to parents with children whose ages straddle the various school stages.

  1. Child minder

A child minder is someone who is paid to look after your child at their own home. They can pick your child up from school and drop them off there too. Child minders are limited to the number of children they can look after to ensure that they are able to give the best care. They can look after up to 6 children under the age of 8, however no more than 3 of the children can be under 5 years old. Parents should absolutely ensure they pick a registered child minder.

  1. Nanny

A Nanny is probably best suited to your lifestyle if you work long hours and the hours of an after school club are not long enough. A Nanny is employed by a parent to look after the children full time; this includes taking them to and from school each day, cooking meals, cleaning, and all other associated duties. Nannies usually live in the family home and become part of the family themselves.

Treehouse Nursery School

Treehouse Nursery School is located just 15 miles North-east of central London in the suburb of Wanstead. The nursery provides all-day care to children aged 3 months through 5 years in two locations – one in Cambridge Park and one in Woodbine Place. Day care hours run from 7:30 AM through 6:30 PM, which accommodates a wide variety of parental work schedules. Treehouse Nursery School also provides before school, after school and holiday care programmes for children 4 years through 11 years old. These programs also run until 6:30PM.

Treehouse Nursery School prides itself on being champions of Early Years Foundation, for the next generation. They recognise the vital importance and formative nature of learning, especially in the first five years of a child’s life. Their Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Treehouse Nurserycurriculum demonstrates this. The curriculum at Treehouse Nursery School addresses the seven areas of learning and development, to include the three prime areas of physical development, communication and language and personal social and emotional development. The learning cycles at Treehouse Nursery School are focused around creating and thinking critically, playing and exploring and active learning.

Treehouse Nursery School is committed to ensuring their children have nutritious, healthy meals. The company follows the Children’s Food Trust guidelines. Each day, then menu consists of breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack and tea. Every day also sees vegetarian options available for each sitting, including lunch and tea. This distinguished them from other child care centres where vegetarian choices must be specially requested, if they are available at all. Furthermore, Treehouse Nursery School respects and adheres to any allergy or dietary needs on an individual basis.

Significantly, Treehouse Nursery School is dedicated to a child-centred approach that heavily incorporates parental input. Their key person concept ensures that each child is addressed as an individual. From a child’s first session at Treehouse Nursery School, they will be assigned a Key Person. This person will get to know the child and their parents in order to support their needs, preferences and development while fostering a sense of identity and individuality. Parent input is encouraged and actively addressed, primarily through the Parent Forum. Parent Forum meetings at Treehouse Nursery School are held every 4 to 6 weeks, and allow parents to contribute suggestions and ideas, which the school is committed responding to. At Treehouse Nursery School they create a friendly and positive atmosphere which allows parents to make a real difference to their children’s learning and development.

Treehouse Nursery School Wanstead

Treehouse Nursery School is a student-centred child care facility in the North-East London suburb of Wanstead. The company provides care for children ages 3 months through 5 years from 7:30 AM through 6:30 PM. Additionally, Treehouse Nurserythey run an after school programme ending at 6:30 PM for children ages 4 through 11 years. With over 22 years of care giving experience, Treehouse Nursery School has the knowledge and understanding necessary to foster healthy, happy children while providing their parents with peace of mind.

Treehouse Nursery School recognises the importance of each child’s identity and individuality. One key pillar of their framework is something they call their “key person approach”. During a child’s initial Treehouse Nursery School session, they will be assigned a key person. This person will get to know the individual child and through collaborative efforts with the parents coordinate care and education designed to support the child’s identity and individuality. They employ learning cycles that are centred on creating and thinking critically, playing and exploring and active learning. Through these cycles, children learn critical skills like problem solving, using their imagination and staying on task.

Treehouse Nursery School also promotes strong parental involvement. The nursery considers it vital to build a viable working relationship with parents and employ a friendly, positive approach to this end. They strive to make it easy for parents to make a real difference in their children’s learning and development. In this way, Treehouse Nursery School engages parents to work together and forge a lasting foundation that can be built upon through primary school and beyond. Chief among the involvement efforts is the parent form, which are meetings that are held every 4 to 6 weeks. At these meetings, parents are encouraged to express suggestions and ideas because Treehouse Nursery School values their views and opinions, and takes action on recommendations and suggestions.

From their dedication, experience and qualifications to their tailored facilities and appropriate security, Treehouse Nursery School creates a safe environment that is conducive to the individual education and care goals of parents and children. Treehouse Nursery School partners with parents to develop engaged, responsible and respectful children. They promote the social, physical, moral and intellectual wellbeing of each child. The staff of Treehouse Nursery School listens to parents and makes a point of responding to concerns. Additionally, they take a strong stance against discrimination and bullying.

A Colourful Environment at Treehouse Nursery

Children today are entering a world that is increasingly diverse and colourful, offering them a range of technology and new platforms to engage with. However, at Treehouse Nursery, the importance of play and face to face social interaction is valued higher than ever.

Treehouse Nursery aims to help children have a positive physical, mental and emotional wellbeing at nursery, which will prepare them for a happy Treehouse Nurserytime at school. Learning through play is encouraged at Treehouse Nursery, and they aim to involve children with a number of indoor and outdoor activities.

Treehouse Nursery has a strict no phones, iPads or other electronic devices policy – so that children fully engage with their activities and have a healthy social interaction with one another. This allows Treehouse Nursery students to concentrate better, have a curiosity for the world and express themselves through creative activities like art and design.

Social development is a key part of Treehouse Nursery’s ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ curriculum, which aims to help children be proficient in three prime areas: Communication and Language, Physical and Personal Development and Social and Emotional Development. Through developing these areas, children are better equipped to deal with educational exercises at the nursery. Treehouse Nursery children are taught the basics in literacy and maths in order to prepare them to start school, and providing a stimulating environment helps them to enjoy the learning experience.

Learning is designed to help each individual child at Treehouse Nursery reach their potential and have fun. Treehouse Nursery operates with an ‘Open Door’ policy, which urges parents to contribute as much as possible to their child’s nursery experience. Treehouse Nursery welcome ideas or improvements suggested by parents, and always want to hear how they can best help the children.

Treehouse Nursery establishes close relationships with the families it works with, and understands how precious each child’s early years are. Parents of children between the delicate age of 24 and 36 months are supplied with written progress reports, which take into account observations of the parents themselves, as well as staff and professionals at Treehouse Nursery.

Treehouse Nursery firmly believes in children exploring their imagination and developing their identity throughout the nursery experience, and is passionate about creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for every child that comes through their door.

Treehouse Nursery : The Importance of Relationships for Young Children

In a world of increasing technology, offering children a childhood full of play and active engagement is more important than ever. At Treehouse Nursery, the Treehouse Nurserystaff believe in children learning through play, creative expression and interacting with the world.

Treehouse Nursery, established in 1991, aims to create a constructive environment for children to develop their own identity. The organisation now has three locations in Wanstead; Treehouse Nursery Woodbine Place, Treehouse Nursery Cambridge Park and a Breakfast, After School and Holiday Club which are hosted at Grove Hall. With more than 20 years in childcare behind them, they are now a recognised and reputable organisation in Wanstead.

Inclusion is vital at Treehouse Nursery, and all children’s needs are cared for. Treehouse Nursery welcomes every child through their doors, and makes the appropriate requirements for children with physical disabilities and special needs.

Treehouse Nursery works closely with local authority, and together they provide Special Educational Needs co-ordinators for children who require additional support throughout nursery. Treehouse Nursery also allocates a member of staff called a ‘Key Person’ to every child at the nursery, who helps children settle in. This ‘Key Person’ and the Special Educational Needs co-ordinators work together to make sure children are progressing well.

This ‘Key Person’ approach helps to establish a feeling of safety and security for children at Treehouse Nursery; the ‘Key Person’ closely liaises with each child’s parents or carers to make sure they are fully informed of each child’s personality and situation. This encourages a feeling of kinship between everyone involved with Treehouse Nursery, and makes sure that all children feel as comfortable as possible.

All of Treehouse Nursery’s activities are focused around engaging all of the children, and offer a range of indoor and outdoor activities. Treehouse Nursery’s ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ curriculum focuses on literacy, maths, expression through art and developing an understanding of the world. This curriculum is structured around each child’s individual personality and needs, and Treehouse Nursery are passionate about allowing children to develop their own independence and identity, which will prepare them for life at school.

Treehouse Nursery understands that safety comes first, and all activities adhere to the Children’s Act 1989 guidelines, and all other relevant childcare criteria. All facilities meet health and safety requirements, and no child is left unsupervised at any time. Treehouse Nursery offers parents a peace of mind and children a fantastic place to spend their early years.

Treehouse Nursery / Learning Cycles

Treehouse Nursery was founded in Wanstead in 1991, offering trusted childcare and pre-school education to babies and children from three months to five years. The approach of Treehouse Nursery takes into account the individual needs of each and every child in their care. Every child is assigned a key person who is exclusively responsible for them throughout their time at Treehouse Nursery. This key person is able to take the time to get to know the child anTreehouse Nurseryd their family on a personal level, to form a strong and lasting relationship and to develop a tailored care and learning plan which is appropriate for the needs of the child at every stage. Parental involvement is actively encouraged at Treehouse Nursery and each child’s learning plan is put together based on observations of and conversations with the child by the key person and also the views, ideas and opinions of the parents. Children are able to spend time each day on the games and activities which they most enjoy and learn to play to their strengths, and also encouraged to try new things and challenge themselves.

This individual approach to learning is structured through the use of learning cycles. The Treehouse Nursery learning cycles cover Active Learning, Creating & Thinking Critically and Playing & Exploring. Each Treehouse Nursery learning cycle is divided into sub-categories, such as staying focused and on task, testing and developing ideas or using imagination. These learning cycles can then be used as markers to identify what stage of development a child is at, what their strengths are and what areas they require additional encouragement in. Each Treehouse Nursery key person is able to use the learning cycles to ensure that each child is exploring every aspect of personal development and progressing as expected.

The colour co-ordinated learning cycles at Treehouse Nursery divide each area of learning into three, and then each of those segments into a further three or four aspects. In this way, Treehouse Nursery staff are able to easily identify any areas where children need more encouragement and formulate plans to achieve this. Each child at Treehouse Nursery is encouraged to maximise their potential in a safe, fun and relaxed environment and to take pride in their achievements.

Treehouse Nursery | Expert Early Years Care and Education

For parents living in Wanstead, there is one early years education provider that they can rely on, Treehouse Nursery. The group operates two full time nurseries, as well as a breakfast and after school club in the area and have been doing so for 22 years. Treehouse Nursery prides itself on the excellent reports from Ofsted, testaments to the skills of the staff that work there and the development of the children who attend. Treehouse Nursery staff will work closely with parents to ensure that their child is getting the best possible education before they start primary school.

Treehouse NurseryAt the early year’s stage, it is important for children to realise a number of things. Firstly, physical development is important, so active games and outside play is encouraged at Treehouse Nursery. These games will promote the ability for children to move around, build on basic mobility skills and health. Also, by playing alongside other children, they will learn how to socialise and build friendships as well as Treehouse Nursery staff being on hand to develop the children’s moral code through sharing activities. Treehouse Nursery will also provide the necessary mental skills to start school, alphabet and basic numbers are regularly taught to children giving them a head start when it comes to formal education.

Throughout their time at a Treehouse Nursery, the progress of each child will be reported back to their parents. This shows to parents not only how dedicated the company is to the wellbeing of the child, but also can allow parents to engage with their child at home, building on the skills they learn at the nursery. It is of great importance at Treehouse Nursery that this relationship is maintained with parents in order to make the most of their child’s time at the nursery. If any problems should arise, then Treehouse Nursery can alert the parents of this also, and explain to them what steps they are taking to solve the issue. Should any parents have queries regarding their child’s development then Treehouse Nursery are more than happy to help.

In order to give the best chance for children at the early year’s stage, Treehouse Nursery ensures the highest standard of training for their staff. Ninety six percent of the employees at Treehouse Nursery have a level 2 qualification in early year’s education or higher, far exceeding the guideline as set by Ofsted, the regulatory body.

Treehouse Nursery | Cooperating with Parents

For any child, early year’s development is an important aspect of growing up. Early years is typically the time from being an infant to five years old and it is during this period that they are making sense of the new world around them. Many parents are forced to return to work during this time however, so it is important for them that the childcare provider they choose will give their child the safest and most educational environment possible. Treehouse Nursery is a company in Wanstead that own and operate two nurseries as well as an after school club in North London. In operation since 1991, the experienced staff at Treehouse Nursery are committed to giving parents the peace of mind they need when leaving their child in the hands of an early years education provider.Treehouse Nursery

Part of the Treehouse Nursery philosophy is the idea that in order for children to enjoy their time at one of their nurseries as much as they can, cooperation with parents is key. This means that when parents take their child to Treehouse Nursery they will be kept well informed of every stage of their child’s development. Treehouse Nursery are also committed to being transparent about fees, opening times and other factors that contribute to earning the essential trust of the parents.

Throughout the relationship between Treehouse Nursery and the parents, they will be monitoring the progress of each child as an individual. Parents will be told at the end of the day of the achievements and breakthroughs that their child has made, as well as any friendships that are starting to form. This means that parents can then engage with their child at home, continuing the development of the skills they will learn at a Treehouse Nursery.

While uncommon, any problems that a child might be facing at a Treehouse Nursery will be dealt with directly by a trained member of staff and the child’s parents will be informed. This includes any areas that a child might need further encouragement when learning the necessary skill set for attending primary school. Likewise, should a parent feel that their child needs improvement in an area, then Treehouse Nursery staff are more than happy to commit time to enhancing that child’s education. The activity programmes that Treehouse Nursery are in keeping with Ofsted’s regulations, ensuring that all children receive the best start while attending the nursery.